Are You Confused About What You Should Be Eating?

Do you ever get confused about all the information out there on the web about the “best diet” for your health? It seems like some of the popular diets these days are in direct opposition to each other. One school of thought says that we should eliminate whole grains and load up on protein by following the paleo diet. I went to nutrition school with a girl who was absolutely THRIVING on this diet, losing weight, having increased energy and feeling better than she had her whole life now that she was in her mid 40s. The direct opposite is the vegetarian diet that excludes all meat and is rich in whole grains. Also, a great diet to follow for many people helping them to lose weight and increase energy.

Then theres the whole issue of soy. Should we be eating it like many Asian countries have for centuries or should we avoid it because of possibility of wreaking havoc on our hormones? The same goes for wheat and dairy.

Never have people been more confused about what it is they should be putting in their mouths. And why do you think that is?

My theory is that we simply have more options now than we ever did in the past. There is an abundance of different types of food. Strawberries in the middle of winter, tomatoes year round. Anything we want at any time, we can get access to. By being given too many choices, the confusion sets in. Think about your great grandparents. They likely ate traditional food from their own country that was in season and the only thing available at the time. Cutting out gluten or meat wasn’t even an option.

During my schooling at IIN we were introduced to dozens and dozens of different dietary theories and several of our instructors, who were dieticians, doctors and nurses, presented the biological evidence why each diet was the absolute way to go to reach optimal health. The problem was, the diets couldn’t be any more different from one to the next. Was the school playing a mean joke on the students?

Actually, they were helping us to understand the concept of bioindividuality. The fact that each of our bodies are different and therefore, we have our own set of foods that we thrive on. We were encouraged to experiment with our own diets and see which changes we could make to pick a diet that worked with our own bodies. There is no one way to eat for everyone, its all dependent on your own biology.

In my nutrition coaching practice, I don’t have a set diet for my clients but strive to help my clients to structure their diet around foods that are natural (not sugar laden or processed), wholesome and that they enjoy eating.

In your own journey of finding the ideal diet to help you feel your best, I encourage you to listen to the wisdom of your body and structure your diet accordingly.


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